Schedule an Initial Call

Schedule a 30 min initial call to discuss your tax needs.

Items to discuss:

  • Introductions
  • Overview of Tax Situation:
  • Income (Wages and/or Business)
  • Expenses
  • Dependents
  • Home Ownership
  • Significant changes

Set Up Your Taxdome Account

TaxDome is a software solution that helps ease the communication between me and my clients. For further information on the set up of your account. Click here for my TaxDome client portal help page. Taxdome is used for:

  • Signing engagement letters
  • Sharing tax documents
  • Additional Requests
  • Providing completed returns
  • Making Payments

Download the Taxdome Mobile App

With the TaxDome mobile app (Android and iOS) you can access the TaxDome portal at anytime from anywhere.

You can use both mobile app and web portal to fill in organizers, sign documents, communicate with me, and pay bills.

Sign the Engagement Letter

An engagement letter is a written agreement that describes the business relationship to be entered into by you and BeepatCPA. 

The letter details the scope of the agreement, its terms, etc. Its purpose is to set expectations on both sides of the agreement. No work can be performed until I receive a signed engagement letter.

Upload your Tax Docs

My tax organizer will detail the items/documents needed. You will upload your document in Taxdome, our secure portal. Some of the paperwork could be:

  • Identification
  • Dependent info
  • W2’s
  • 1099’s
  • the previous year’s tax returns,
  • loan information,
  • Business Information (if applicable)

Click HERE for a blog post with more info.

Tax Return Preparation

This is where I work my magic as a CPA working diligently so that you pay the least tax possible by law and get the most in your tax refund!

Tax Return Completion

Using the Schedule Call page of my website, schedule a 30m follow up call to discuss your tax return. We will go over:

  • Federal and State Results
  • Items to note going forward
  • Answer any questions

Sign Returns

The taxdome system will send your Tax Returns for signing (Forms 8879). You will need to sign where indicated. Your returns will not be e-filed until signed.

Make Payments

If you are getting a refund, payment will likely be made directly from your refund. If payment is not made from your refund, a bill will be sent for payment via the taxdome system. Payment can be made electronically. Returns will be released once payment is made.

Tax Return Client Copies

Copies of your completed return will be provided to you via the TaxDome portal. Here you can download them for printing at your leisure or save them to your computer at home for future reference.